Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the 10th International Symposium on Cell/Tissue Injury and Cytoprotection/Organo- protection (10th ISCTICO 2018) being held in Kyoto, Japan on June 28-30, 2018 at Kyoto International Community House under the auspices of Japanese Society for Cytoprotection & Cytobiology, Japanese Society of Ulcer Research, and IUPHAR-GI Section. In addition, the 18th World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 2018 will be held in Kyoto, Japan on July 1-6th at Kyoto Convention Center, and ISCTICO has been officially recognized as one of IUPHAR-GI Symposiums.

The objectives of this series of symposia are to provide a lively forum for experts to present and integrate new findings regarding the mechanisms, manifestations, and consequences of cell and tissue injury as well as tissue repair/ulcer healing. One of the goals is to review emerging concepts in the protective mechanisms including novel factors and substances and pharmacological agents and to transfer the new knowledge about cell and tissue injury to pharmacologic prevention of tissue damage in organ systems. Our specific areas of interest at this symposium include new developments in the molecular mechanisms of cell and tissue injury in the GI tract.

The scientific program will feature guest lectures and oral presentation sessions with debates. The main topics will be the issues that might permit better targets for pharmacological treatments and therapeutic strategies for various GI diseases. For every topic, there will be 1-2 overviews by guest speakers and several oral presentations.

We hope you will attend and present at the symposium, and look forward to meeting you at Kyoto in June 2018. Please forward this to any colleagues who might also be interested.

Koji Takeuchi, PhD
Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
Yuji Naito, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

■Date & Venue

Date : 28-30, June, 2018
Venue : Kyoto International Community House
2-1 Torii-cho, Awateguchi, Sakyo-ku, 606-8536 Kyoto, Japan
Tel: +81-75-752-3010/Fax: +81-75-752-3510
URL: http://www.kcif.or.jp

For information, please contact to Meeting Secretariat

Kikuko Amagase, PhD.
Dept. Pharmacol. & Exp. Ther.
Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
Misasagi, Yamashina, Kyoto 607-8414, Japan
TEL: +81-75-595-4680
E-mail: cytoprotection2018@cap.ocn.ne.jp